2020 Mash Madness Brewing Competition

Organized by the Illiana Beer Rackers Union (IBRU) and the Northwest Indiana Brewers Society (NIBS)

  • The 2020 Mash Madness is a bracket-style, single-elimination brewing competition among the members of the Illiana Beer Rackers Union (IBRU) and the Northwest Indiana Brewers Society (NIBS).
  • This year the competition will be hosted by IBRU and will be held on Saturday, April 4 from 4-6pm at Off Square Brewing, 11000 Delaware Pkwy, Crown Point IN.  Awards will be presented at the end of the competition.
  • The Mash Madness competition consists of sixteen entries of home-brewed beer, with each club contributing a max of eight entries.
  • There is a limit of one entry per club member.
  • Any BJCP-recognized style of homebrewed beer may be entered into the competition but all entries must be beers brewed by IBRU (paid members) or NIBS (silver or gold) club members.
  • The registration deadline is Friday, March 27.
  • There is an $8 entry fee for each submission to help defray costs associated with the competition.  
  • Event participants must register their competition entry using the 2020 Mash Madness Registration page.  
  • Each beer will be slotted into the bracket using a random process to help hide the identity of the brewer and style of beer, and to ensure impartiality in the voting.
  • Due to the head-to-head nature of the competition each contestant will need to provide 144 ounces of homebrew (two 6-packs).  There are no restrictions on the containers you use to transport your beer (bottles, growlers, keg, etc.).  Since not all participants will end up needing 144 oz of beer (depending on how far you progress in the competition), any leftover beer can be shared/traded/taken home.
  • Everyone present at the competition, including brewers and spectators/guests can vote on the beers in each round.  Competition officials cannot participate in the voting.
  • All votes will be made via an online voting form; smart phones will be required. If you don't have a smart phone an alternative voting method will be provided.
  • The brewer of the winning beer will be awarded the grand prize.  Ribbons and a monetary prize will be also be awarded to the first, second, and third place winners. A run-off will be held to determine the third place winner prior to the championship round.
  • For an extra measure of fun, pre-printed sheets with the 16 entries will be available to all present who wish to participate in a "Fill-In-The-Bracket" contest after the first round is tasted but before the results are announced.  Everyone may complete one of the bracket sheets.
  • New this year is the "Name The BJCP Category" contest to help educate brewers and other lovers of craft beer.  All are welcome to fill out a sheet with their guesses of the BJCP categories for each of the 16 entries.  The category names will be provided.
  • Please contact nibshomebrew@gmail.com with any questions.


If you are a NIBS or IBRU member, please click the button below to register.